Begining again…..

Almost three years… wow.    In that time span I did a full year of self-examination as an artist and decided that it would be best for me to not touch any polymer clay or any art medium at all.   I needed to figure out what the reason was behind my art…. it was beginning to be about cold hard cash and praise instead of the love and passion of creating.  It was a LONG year!!  but well worth the effort to slowly begin into the process of loving to create for the “loving to create” process…. and learning to know that this is a God-given talent and He expects and wants me to use it…. this is pleasing and Honors Him if done in the right way.  I have put my selfish wants aside and have trusted God in the process of when His timing would be right.   I am not saying that I have it all figured out, but I can say that my hands are itching and I have pulled out my clay and I am creating again!  :0)  and it has brought back a huge amount of joy into my life and oh, how I have missed it!

She’s just lacking a back drop/ground… don’t know what I am doing with it yet:


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Ride for Hope

New Lisbon’s 5th anual Ride for Hope is coming up soon…   I was able to make up  a few items for them to auction off…

Yellow and Pink Budded earrings with matching necklace:

Hope, Faith, Love, Cure Beaded – a pair of earrings and 3 necklaces and 2 bracelets:


and a Pair of Black Budded Earrings:

thanks Christy for asking me to be a part of this again this year….  hope you all raise lots of $ !!  :0)

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What an Honor!

God’s Blessings continue to fall all around!!  :0)

I had the extreme honor for having two of the photos of my art work to be published in a book!!  A fellow artist gathered photos from multi talented polymer clay artist and published them in a book – it is an extreme honor to have been chosen!!  Tejea  has worked hard on getting the book ready, and we all have been on pins and needles to know what one of our photos were selected, or even if more then one photo was selected!!  

You can take a look at the book and purchase it here:

 Click to preview book

and again, thank you Tejea for all your hard work and devotion to the book and again, what an honor to be selected to be placed in a book along with such wonderful talent!!  Wow!  What a wonderful Blessing!

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Inspired by Nature….

Spring has sprung!!  Yeah!  the spring bulbs are starting to pop out of the ground and it’s just making me itch to create pretty little flowers!  :0)

Here are a few that I have started:

Black to Gold flowers - Raw

Pink Peony Flowers - Raw

they are up on my flicker site, you can veiw them big there…. Here is the link:

I have a few other things in the works too…  Ride for Hope is coming up in May, they again asked me to donate some goodies for them, so have been working on a few items for that also….hope to get more beads photographed soon….

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Inspiration continues!! :0)

Inspiration is still a gift that I cherish, God Blesses us with those “Wow” moments, we can either chose to credit him for the gifts, or we can chose to ignore them and shrug our shoulders and go on with our lives.

I think that most of us do the later, it’s easier, it’s a lot more fun taking the credit and thinking that our gifts are our own, little things that we are just able to do.  I for one have done just that for a long, long time…  shrug my shoulders and say “thanks” and act like it’s not that big of a deal.  Fully believing that each and every one of us could do what I do, fully thinking that it really isn’t such a gift, just a talent that I honed in on and took ownership of………  I have been sadly mistaken…..  That was just the pride in me speaking.

To take credit for it was so terribly wrong…. it’s God!!  God has given me this wonderful gift, this amazing talent, this way of forming the clay that is a blob into something… Each creation is God’s work, his way of showing us what He is capable of doing when we allow him to work with in us…. even when we are so full of pride and want to claim it as ours, it’s not us, it’s fully him!  I am just thrilled to have the inspiration back, to see his work, the ability to choose the colors so easily, the ability to have a vision, a gift form in my mind and giving the tools to put it into motion….  it just makes my heart sing!   My heart sings with ” thank you Lord for this wonderful gift, thank you for showing me how much easier it is when you are the #1 in my life, thank you for giving me this inspiration, thank you for the wonderful colors that form…… on and on my heart just sings with praises, it’s quite humbling to know how the Lord has Blessed me with this talent to share….  I have struggled with giving him the Glory, and allowing others to see how truly I love him and thank him for all that he’s given me!  I am learning to just be, and let him speak through me…..   it’s not easy letting go, but my heart rejoices when I do!

Here are some of the goodies that my Lord created while using my hands: 

009-6.jpg Blogged picture by tinamt72

I love creating little fairies on the boxes that I send my beads out in, so I have tried to get the “right” design down for Fairy beads, I just smiled when the colors came together as well as they did, as did the little Fairy!  :0)  Just makes my heart sing!!

Here are the other attempts:

Attempt #1:

014-8.jpg Blog picture by tinamt72

Attempt #2:

013-5.jpg picture by tinamt72

Attempt #3 (my favorite!):

006-3.jpg picture by tinamt72  (this is just a cane slice, not a finished bead)

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Blessed with Inspiration

A few weeks back I was praying for a way to bring Honor to God in my creating process – how?  I still can’t figure that out yet! LOL!!  But in the mist of prayer, I asked God to use me as a tool, and to bring me inspiration  – for I was in a slump and had no mojo and couldn’t seek it anywhere. 

What a gift it was to come across Melanie Moertel’s photostream on Flicker.  Her Cherry pendants really spoke to me.  I kept thinking about how to make a cane with a skinner blend back ground and these hearts and dots just floating around….  how much fun it would be to use her nice bright colors and design elements…..  and to make a box that match the beads!!  I was just amazed how well the colors come together as well as the canes used – (note to ones self, please take more photos of the canes you create!)   Since I have not photos of the canes, I’ll have to show you the beads instead!

ps…. thanks again Melanie Moertel for your wonderful gift and for sharing it with us all on Flicker!

Here are Melanie’s pretty little Cherrie Pendants on her Flicker site:

Cherry pendants | Focals by melaniemoertel.

and Here is my inspirational beads and their matching box:

027-1.jpg picture by tinamt72

The Lord has a funny way of leading us to where we need to be, to give us what we need, and to inspire us to seek out more…… 

if you happen to be seeking these beads out, they are for sale on ebay.

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A new Year….. reflecting back

Reflecting back is a dangerous thing to do …… it sucks you back to a time where you may or may not have been so stable…..  getting sucked back into time, it’s bitter-sweet, so much has been learned in such a short period of time.

Scott, he lost his courageous battle with cancer this past November, which was roughly the time in which I lost my dad a few years ago.  To say that it’s taken a toll on me, is correct, but not in the way that it would affect most people.   Scott left a legacy for his children, something to be proud of and to take pride in knowing that he came to know that Lord before death came  – what a gift that was to witness, what a gift it has been to watch his wife give of herself so freely and not be so selfish in doing so, she lost so much during that time with Scott, but she gained so much in return…..  I personally have never, EVER, Learned as much about love as what I have this past year.  

With Valentines being right around the corner, I can’t help but be reflective of what I have learned and how it’s changed me, made me better because of it.  It’s so sad to know that our loved ones are gone, but it’s so amazing to see what has transpired through it all, how it changes people, how devoted they become, how they push harder to be “something” and how they work through the process and learning and becoming….   it makes me think of a childhood song that my aunt taught my sister and I (Cindy, she was always singing, I love that about her!!)  “He’s still working on me, to make me what I ought to be, it took him just a week to make the moon and the starts………..   there really ought to be a sign upon my heart, don’t judge me yet, there is an unfinished part……….  he’s still working on me….”        I am unfinished, I have so much to learn, so much to express, so much to seek, so much to find, but I myself, can no longer push to find it all, for when I do, I am a wondering sheep without his Shepard, I need to learn to let God lead me and show me the way.

Scott’s death was a wakeup call, a “I finally get it Lord!” moment!  My art has suffered because of it all, because I wasn’t letting the Lord move inside of me, seeking me and guiding me to where I needed to be, it became about the money, what can I make off of these, instead of about enjoying the process, and just letting the Lord work through me and show me where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing. 

I am not saying I have it figured out!! LOL!!  I am not saying that I know that when I sit down to play with the clay that it’s the Lord’s hands at work, and not me trying to take control of the situation and trying to rework it so it’s my work…. LOL!!  Trust me, that part I don’t have down yet, but I am learning to be still and listen to what is inside of my heart, to let the Lord speak through me and my art –

This – letting the Lord speak through me, and taking the credit for what he is creating – is a new process for me.  This is me learning, and the Lord teaching me, this is because the Lord has shown me, through Wednesday Night Church, studying through the book by C.J. Mahaney, called HUMILITY– I have learned that I am a selfish, prideful person, who is always self seeking, and all of this is not how Christ was for me……..   I need to give of myself and serve, let the Lord take the credit, and know that I am nothing without him….

A year of reflecting back is not always so good to do, but seeking out what the Lord has in store for us today and the next, now that is something worth seeking as is giving the Lord Credit when credit is very much Due!!

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