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Personal DNA

  Yeah, Like I really had the time to sit and do a personal DNA test! LOL!!  Like I really didn’t have 50 other things on my list of things that need to be done…. Thank you Cat for sending me … Continue reading

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Angel Wings or Ocean Waves?

Is it an Angel’s wing or an Ocean Wave?  I am so thrilled with the outcome of this set of beads – of course the sparkle really doesn’t show – you can see the hints of glitter,–trust me they do … Continue reading

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Circle Circle Dot Dot

These beads were made with lots of circles and dots…  I used translucent clay to seperate each circle/dot and to keep the colors from blending together…. Man, I just love the way they look…  I named them “Flight of a Fairy.”  … Continue reading

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I just joined Heather’s Bead Makers Blog Ring

Yep, I  just did…. or at least I think that I did!! LOL!! I decided why not!! It just looks like it would be a  lot of fun!! Heather, from HumbleBeads has a web ring for bead makers…. how fun!!  🙂 … Continue reading

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pins and needles

ok… I have to admit… I have been on pins and needles and a little freaked out about all of the talk of crediting and placing ownership on techniques in the PC world!  It really has just zapped the creative … Continue reading

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