Playing Around!

I have been so inspired by florals here lately!!  It all began with Chris and her lotus beads.   I just LOVED the way they looked!  So I went searching through the Internet and came across gobs of beautiful florals!!  Gobs! But the ones that really struck me were from Barb’s  (aka rubarb) Blog.    The process is just amazing!!  How can a person NOT be inspired by those beautiful florals?

So with that said I just had to give it a try!!  I HAD to!! I so wanted to try to make flowers, but not use paint on them, just try it with clay.  I did  use a gold and silver leafing pens on the edges of the flowers, but all the other colors are the clay.  I just made up canes and formed them into leaf shapes and then placed them on a base bead and ta-da!  A pretty flower! 😀  LOL!!

Here are a few pics of the flowers I created…


I just love the green and purple together… what a fun color combo!

Here is another set of floral beads that I created.  This set is more for the  4th of July, or even Flag day coming up….

 red white blue flowers

as you can see, they are just a blast to make!!  LOVE them so much that I do plan on making a ton more!!  So thank you so much Chris for your inspiration!!  Just wait till you see the poppies I have started on!!  🙂  You have created a monster! LOL!!

oh, and I did get a few more Mermaids completed!!  😀  I still just love the process of creating them!

This one is diving down for a pearl:

 pear mermaid

 here is a side veiw… 


as you can see it is for the most part smooth on the top…  that is the tricky part!

and here is a pic of my 3rd mermaid!

3rd mermaid

I do just love making them….  I can’t wait till things settle down more so I can have the time to create more!  I have a few more ideas I want to try out!  I am very pleased with the “water” in these two beads…. Now if I can just remember how I did it! LOL!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend! 


About tinat

I am a Polymer Clay Bead Artist. I have been beading for almost 4 years. Polymer Clay is just a wonderful art medium that there just seems to have NO end to what a person can do!
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3 Responses to Playing Around!

  1. MarwanE says:

    really, good job man
    and great informations


  2. Chris says:

    Absolutely beautiful flowers Tina! Love ’em all! Can’t wait to see your poppies! Your mermaids are too cute!


  3. tinat says:

    Thank you, Marwanee!

    and Chris, thank you so much! (the poppies are out of the oven now…. so maybe next week I can get them posted and pics up!–MAYBE!)


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