I hate to be wrong! :o(

I was so excited about using the heat gun to bring out a richer color to the clay and to give them a wonderful shine….

016-2.jpg picture by tinamt72

But as Jana pointed out to me, it could be just the clay sweating and she stated that it could come off  with a nice scrubbing with a tooth brush and dish soap….. man I was so hoping that this was the real deal!! :0(

So off I went to the sink with a wash rag and dish soap an I scrubbed the beads and scrubbed some more and then a tab bit more….  then I dried off the bead and did a comparison….

005-4.jpg picture by tinamt72

2 were left as is and the other two scrubbed (the two center beads were scrubbed)… can you tell?  They are just a tab bit less shiny….

well, look….  here is a better picture:

019-5.jpg picture by tinamt72

See the top bead how nice and shiny it is and then the bottom bead isn’t as shiny….

BUT HERE IS THE CATCH!!  They are shinier then what they would have been right out of the oven…. and the colors seem to pop more!!   I am still pretty pleased with the over all effect of the bead.  So, maybe, just maybe this still can work….

Here is another pic of the 4 beads, 2 scrubbed and two with the sheen still on:

021-1.jpg picture by tinamt72

Not that big of a difference…

I’ll be trying this again, I am hoping for the same results on the next set of beads I make…. either way, I will still be taking my heat gun to the beads…. for now….  and I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that this is a short cut worth keeping!  :0)

Thanks again Jana, for the heads up….  (I am still holding my breath and hoping for all hopes that this ‘short cut’ is a keeper! LOL!!)


About tinat

I am a Polymer Clay Bead Artist. I have been beading for almost 4 years. Polymer Clay is just a wonderful art medium that there just seems to have NO end to what a person can do!
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5 Responses to I hate to be wrong! :o(

  1. jana says:

    Hey Tina…now wait a minute…I never said you were wrong . You weren’t wrong….just maybe the shine wasn’t as intense as you’d have liked! I sure hope the technique works for you, though.

    If the item had just been baked, and not hit with a heat gun, it would sweat, but yet all of this residue could be scrubbed off. I think that maybe the heat gun gets the clay so hot (much hotter than an oven), and so ‘cures’ the ‘sweat’ (lol…I realize how bad that sounds!), so that some of it sticks to the clay surface, stays shiny, and won’t completely wash off.

    Just a thought…

    anywho, let us know how your experiments go!

    Good luck 😉

  2. Chris says:

    {{{Tina}}}! There is no right or wrong, everything is a learning experience. I’ve noticed that super shine doesn’t last. You don’t even have to scrub it, just handle it.

    Try a quick coat of whatever finish you use on top of that. Shine, plus the pop.


  3. jana says:

    Okay, Tina….on another note (grin…no more worries about the shine…Chris is right, it’s all a learning experience. Boy, how I continue to learn that!), I think your little snowmen are adorable! How big are they?

    Tooo cute….


  4. tinat says:

    Thanks Jana!

    The snow girls are about 15mm – 20mm tall…

    and thanks again for all the encouragement!! 🙂

  5. tinat says:

    and Chris, you know that you are just the best PC friend I have out there!

    I am working on the heat gun again…. I have a few sets that I am working on…. I hope to get the results posted sometime this week…


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