Fun start to March already!

Let me tell you, there is nothing like living in Indiana this time of year!  The weather is crazy and so are the people!

The home school that I attended, and now my children, has had a long running of DONKEY BASKET BALL…. now if you have never attended such a thing, be for warned…. be ready to Laugh, and Laugh, and Laugh when you think that you can no longer Laugh – You Laugh even harder!  I have never attended such a thing, small town living, but not a country gal at heart: I just thought that it was something only the farmer kids enjoyed!  I couldn’t have been so wrong….    I so enjoyed it and plan on attending from now on… I really need those laughs!

Here are a few examples of the “funnies”:  (oh, and I should tell you that this was 2 local volunteer fire departments playing against each other)

011-7.jpg picture by tinamt72

034-3.jpg picture by tinamt72

 020-5.jpg picture by tinamt72

Man, I still just laugh every-time I look through the pictures… each one of these donkeys had a unique quality that they brought to the game… STUBBORNNESS!!  LOL!!  One poor guy would mount his donkey, only for the donkey to stop, lower his head to the  ground and wait for the passenger to fall off…. over and over again!  (That poor guy had to be sore!)

The next exciting thing to come was the ice!!!  Not that it was at all fun, but it did make for some very pretty pictures:

this is what I saw out in my back yard:

once I was done taking pictures as we were headed inside, the sun was setting… of course, there is not way to capture the true beauty that we saw, although I tried, and tried… but all the ice light up with the golden rays and looked as though it was lit by some glow within…. it was just breathtaking looking into the trees and seeing little flecks of gold everywhere… What a magical moment!!

278.jpg picture by tinamt72

277.jpg picture by tinamt72

believe it or not, on-top of all that ice, we received 4 inches of snow… I didn’t get a picture of that! LOL!! I have had my share of snow this year. 

and we had a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday!!  The temps were in the upper 40’s to low 50’s!!!  Oh, you have to just love Spring in Indiana!!  You just never know what the next day will bring…. snow, ice, warm days…..  only to bring the snow and ice  back again!  LOL!! 

And in my little corner of the state, the true way for me to know that Spring has really sprung… well, it’s the flock of Turkey Vultures that come swarming in…. oh, yes, I said flock!  and I said Swarm!! 

Just imagine it’s my first spring in my new home, I am out cleaning the yard and loving all the little secrets a new home can bring.   My children are outside playing and laughing and making discoveries of their own…. and I happen to take note that there’s a HUGE shadow on them… Slowly I look up and see the swarm of vultures!!  They were stalking my children!!!!   of course I ushered them inside quickly!  LOL!!  But now, I know that they are no harm… just nasty, and keep the kids away from the droppings, but I am telling you what, they still just give me the creeps!!    My last count of them was 30(+)!  Now, that is a sight to see!  (oh, and NO I do NOT have pictures… YUCK!! LOL!!)

Yes, the fun has started!! LOL!!  Don’t you just love Indiana!!  LOL!!  I promise, the next post will be about Polymer clay and lots of beads to show off!!  Have a great weekend!!  :0)


About tinat

I am a Polymer Clay Bead Artist. I have been beading for almost 4 years. Polymer Clay is just a wonderful art medium that there just seems to have NO end to what a person can do!
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