Moving into Fall

I just LOVE working with the wonderful colors of Gold, Bronze, Silver, and Pearl!!  Sometimes mixing them all together to create something new….  and just playing with Mica Shift  now just mix the Mica shift with the Mokume Gane technique – wow!!  That makes for some fun!!



See how much fun I had with the wonderful Fall colors!!!  I made up a few, these two are just a sneak peak… I still need to finish them off and figure out what I want to do with them….


and speaking of playing around… here are a few more pretties I have been working on….

I do just love the way this pretty thing turned out.. I added a few Ginkgo Leaves and a pretty little flower and a splash of gold…

Then I had a wonderful Idea to try  something new…. well, new to me, may not really be “NEW” – any how, I created this pretty little bead with lots of Kato Clear Medium a little bit of glitter, a touch of paint, then more and more Kato Clear Medium….. ( I just love working in layers and Layers and more layers adding to the dept of the beads…)  Here she is:

I just LOVE her!!  I am not sure if I am going to sell her yet or not, she’s just so pretty  I just want to hold on to her for now….

More goodies later…..


About tinat

I am a Polymer Clay Bead Artist. I have been beading for almost 4 years. Polymer Clay is just a wonderful art medium that there just seems to have NO end to what a person can do!
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2 Responses to Moving into Fall

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Tina! Gorgeous!!! Lovin’ the fall colors!

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