Ponsawan & Ada

Ponsawan & Ada, originally uploaded by julie_picarello.

I ran across Julie Picarello’s Flicker photo and thought how beautiful the pendant was, but then I read what she had to say that it was for, and the pendant was even more beautiful!  If you have the time, please read here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/julie_picarello/3367521530/

What a wonderful way to help Ponsawan and Ada…. I am not sure if I will have the time to help, but I do know that I have to time to post this for others to see….. Spread the word and help if you can!

I too have admired Ponsawan for her courage, dedication, and love so deep… reading about Ada and the milestones she’s reached, (and those not reached) I have been amazed, and have a greater sence of what the word LOVE truly means…. all I can say at times is WOW….. and May God be with them and Bless them for all that they are giving to each other!


About tinat

I am a Polymer Clay Bead Artist. I have been beading for almost 4 years. Polymer Clay is just a wonderful art medium that there just seems to have NO end to what a person can do!
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