What a Wonderful Weekend!

I know… it’s  Thursday, and I am just now writing about the weekend!  But, it’s been crazy this week, and now is the only time I have to tell you about how wonderful the weekend was!

Nothing is better then being with family and playing a round of  Holy Board in the back yard!!

037-8.jpg picture by tinamt72

We had family in from out of state and allowed Rob and I too see family members that we have not seen in about a year.  

038-10.jpg picture by tinamt72

  Rob’s cousin was diognosed last year with terminal brain cancer, he was given 4 weeks to live…….  You can read about his journey here:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/scotthembree      It has been a horric year for his family…. 

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The thing that gets me all chocked up, is that a year ago all they could think about was missing the milestones of their children. …. . and today, he will get to see these milestones.  God worked in such a profound way to move them forward!  Scott has watched his baby boy take his first steps, speak his first words and throw his first ball!!  and he’s watched his middle child grow into a beautiful young woman, and he’s going to get to watch is eldest child graduate from High School – These were made possible because God Willed it to be. 

042-13.jpg picture by tinamt72

I sat next to Scott’s wife, Robyn, and looked at the brain scans – and the whole time, all I could think about is how amazing God is.  Scott’s scans show no tumors –  we are not talking about a small little tumor, we are talking about a tumor that you could see, one that was terminal – one that shook me to the core and made me look at Scott in a whole new light.  I had no idea how big the mass was, no idea how BIG of a miricle God had worked in  their lives!  And then to see the next scan with NOTHING!!!  NOT a hint of the tumor, not a “light’ patch, not a teeny tiny dot – there is nothing there now!!! 

I am not saying that it’s all perfect, that he is healthy as a horse and is running around jumping for joy, no.  not at all.  The Chemo has taken it’s toll on Scott.  To see him a year ago, and now, you know that you are looking at a man that has lived through a peice of Hell and back again.  It’s taken it’s toll on him I am sure, emotionally too….  But HE”S HERE!!  He  has fought through a horrific battle and shows the scars of a warroir….  He has more fighting to do still…..  I am sure that it is hard to put one foot infront of the other and make yourself do things that your body doesn’t want to do, but he is trying.

041-12.jpg picture by tinamt72

I guess, what I am trying to say, and saying it poorly, is HOW AMAZING is is to see a MIRACLE face to face, to touch and talk to someone that God has worked wonders in.  Too look in his eyes and see something there that wasn’t there before.  To see and witness and unconditional love he and Robyn have for each other and their children.  This weekend was a privilege for me to be a part of.  one that I will remember and be grateful for.  and I just want to say Thank you – So thank you Robyn and Scott for a wonderful journey, a year full of doubts, fears, tears, pain, unless worry, prayers, Faith, Hope, LOVE, devotion, Miracles, Promises, Family, Dreams!!  I know that from a distance I have learned so much by watching and reading, I can not even imagine what an impact you have had on those around you and close to you!  I love you guys and am so very honored to have spend the weekend with you!

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I am a Polymer Clay Bead Artist. I have been beading for almost 4 years. Polymer Clay is just a wonderful art medium that there just seems to have NO end to what a person can do!
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