Keep tugging along

I keep tugging along…. hoping and waiting for sales.  Don’t get me wrong, I am selling some, but not like  it was…. to remember the good ol days! LOL!!  Yeah, yeah, yeah….  Now days, I am content with what I have and what I do sell, I know that each sale that I do make is a little glimpse of hope and a HUGE Blessing!  most of the sales have been WAY under priced, but, as an artist, I am sure that we all take HUGE cuts in our art…. one way or another it is a sacrifice that we all make from time to time.  And shoot, I just make beads…. no one is spending big bucks on foo foo stuff right now, so no one is purchasing goodies to make foo foo things. 


I came up with some pretty little canes last week:

013-11.jpg blogged cane picture by tinamt72

just click on the pic to see larger……   as you can tell I LOVE working my canes small….  I hate having a lot of scrap,  and this helps to ensure that each set is truly one of a kind!!  :0) 

Here is a peak of some of the beads I made using the canes:

 015-12.jpg blogged beads picture by tinamt72

I’ll get better pics later, but thus far I am loving the way they look!

The new puppy is still crazy!!  we had her trimmed the other day and she looks just darling…. see:

003-18.jpg blogged dog! picture by tinamt72

Who would ever guess that such a crazy little dog could make us laugh so much!  She’ll run around the house going so fast that when she jumps up on the couch she actually has to jump off the back of the couch to make a landing on to the seat of the couch…. she does the same thing in bed, but uses the head board…. it’s like she’s doing some kind of “sick trick” that a skate boarder would do….. it is just the funniest thing ever!

any how…. back to clay!  I had a chace to sit down and make up more flowers:

003-17.jpg blogged flowers picture by tinamt72

These are the Christmas Flowers that will be going up on ebay TODAY….. I am so pleased with them!  The cane that I made for these turned out to just be perfect for the petals…. love all the shading it added to them. and the touch of gold on the ends seem to just high light it just enough.

…… had this post ready for last week, but we had a scare with the little baby I sit for…. Elysah had a reaction to the antibodies (nothing new, she’d had before so there was no need to worry, so we thought)  A real long, scary story cut down short, she had life lined by helicopter to Riley, we almost lost her!  I would strongly advise everyone to learn CPR, though I did not have to use it, I very well may have, and feel that the training that I did have helped me stay calm enough to know what to do and what to look for….  and because of God’s Grace, my husband’s fast thinking, and the training we had, and the quick response to the ENT’s and the local Volunteers here in our area, Elsyah is still here.  I can not tell you how Blessed I feel right now!

Elysah is doing well considering, still weak and still having some  wheezing, but all and all, what a wonderful amazing little miracle she is……  Thank you Lord for watching over such a sweet little baby!


This pic of Elysah …. (before)

004-15.jpg Blogged Elysah picture by tinamt72


About tinat

I am a Polymer Clay Bead Artist. I have been beading for almost 4 years. Polymer Clay is just a wonderful art medium that there just seems to have NO end to what a person can do!
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2 Responses to Keep tugging along

  1. Sunnybc123 says:

    Hi Tina – I just stumbled across your blog here. I totally commiserate with you on the lack of sales of our beads. I too remember the good old days on eBay where numerous folks would bid on one auction and we’d get a decent price for the work, creativity and time it takes to make these beads. I remember starting my pillow beads at $9.99 and it was normal for them to sell in the $20-$25 range with some over $30 and $40. *sigh* …. oh well.

    I’m selling my stuff at $7.95 now and at least it covers the cost of my clay & supplies. For that I am thankful. In fact, there is a lot to be thankful for including the good news that totally CUTE Elysah had angels watching over her as the Lord extended his hand of mercy and healing! What a precious gift!


    • tinat says:

      Hey Elsie, thanks for the post, and yeah, I hear you about the sells, within time, I believe that things will get better, it’s just going to take time….

      Oh, my that Elysah is something!! I just love her so much and am just over joyed to have her each day that we do!! The Lord placed her here with us and has enriched our lives by leaps and bonds!! she is just a doll that we all enjoy so much. She’s already forming words to tell me stories!! it’s just cracking me up! The Lord has a way of Blessing those who least expect it, and that is what we received when we took Elysah into our home!! I thank God for Blessing me with such a wonderful gift!! Thanks again Elsie! and many hugs to you!

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