Life is a journey

Life is truly a journey…. it has it’s smooth roads and it has it’s sharp turns, wrong ways, rough gravel roads,  and it’s smooth fast paced high ways….  you just never really know what your journey will have in store for you until you hit the road!!  :0)  and no matter what you try to do, it takes you where you need to be! LOL!!  We are just along for the ride….. 

Last July my husband’s cousin was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiform Brain Tumor.  You can read his heroic story here:  To say that watching and reading their story has changed my life is an understatement.  The magical part of it all is the impact they have had on those they never have met….  the influence of loosing your loved one at any moment and knowing that in an instant you life can be for ever changed, and sometimes not in a positive way is humbling…. scary…. heartbreaking…. enlighting… 

It’s changed the way I view everything, and that is a good thing!!  :0)  Scott and Robyn will never know the effects they have brought to me and my family, there will be never enough thank yous… or I love yous…   In the mist of all this there is such a sence of peace….  God has blessed them…. their Faith has shown them what “Living” is!

I think of all the friends and family that I have had effected by cancer:  Scott, Sherrie, Sue, Cindy, a neighbor, Mrs. Crone, Grandpa, Grandma Stephens, Carrie, (pre cancer cells – and aunt, a sister, an in law)…. the list just is never ending… it goes on and on…. 

 Hope  –  Faith  –  Love  – Cure  

Words that carry a lot of meaning behind them!

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I did get those pretty pink beads done just in time…. October is about over!! LOL!! (the canes are from the previous post)

set 1:

008-16.jpg picture by tinamt72

set 2:

019.jpg picture by tinamt72


set 3:

028-1.jpg picture by tinamt72

Now working on an idea with sea shells…… hummmm…… and maybe a mermaid and fairies!!  :0)  Yeah, dreaming about the ocean and winter isn’t even here yet….. it will be a LONG winter for me, now wont it!

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Keep tugging along

I keep tugging along…. hoping and waiting for sales.  Don’t get me wrong, I am selling some, but not like  it was…. to remember the good ol days! LOL!!  Yeah, yeah, yeah….  Now days, I am content with what I have and what I do sell, I know that each sale that I do make is a little glimpse of hope and a HUGE Blessing!  most of the sales have been WAY under priced, but, as an artist, I am sure that we all take HUGE cuts in our art…. one way or another it is a sacrifice that we all make from time to time.  And shoot, I just make beads…. no one is spending big bucks on foo foo stuff right now, so no one is purchasing goodies to make foo foo things. 


I came up with some pretty little canes last week:

013-11.jpg blogged cane picture by tinamt72

just click on the pic to see larger……   as you can tell I LOVE working my canes small….  I hate having a lot of scrap,  and this helps to ensure that each set is truly one of a kind!!  :0) 

Here is a peak of some of the beads I made using the canes:

 015-12.jpg blogged beads picture by tinamt72

I’ll get better pics later, but thus far I am loving the way they look!

The new puppy is still crazy!!  we had her trimmed the other day and she looks just darling…. see:

003-18.jpg blogged dog! picture by tinamt72

Who would ever guess that such a crazy little dog could make us laugh so much!  She’ll run around the house going so fast that when she jumps up on the couch she actually has to jump off the back of the couch to make a landing on to the seat of the couch…. she does the same thing in bed, but uses the head board…. it’s like she’s doing some kind of “sick trick” that a skate boarder would do….. it is just the funniest thing ever!

any how…. back to clay!  I had a chace to sit down and make up more flowers:

003-17.jpg blogged flowers picture by tinamt72

These are the Christmas Flowers that will be going up on ebay TODAY….. I am so pleased with them!  The cane that I made for these turned out to just be perfect for the petals…. love all the shading it added to them. and the touch of gold on the ends seem to just high light it just enough.

…… had this post ready for last week, but we had a scare with the little baby I sit for…. Elysah had a reaction to the antibodies (nothing new, she’d had before so there was no need to worry, so we thought)  A real long, scary story cut down short, she had life lined by helicopter to Riley, we almost lost her!  I would strongly advise everyone to learn CPR, though I did not have to use it, I very well may have, and feel that the training that I did have helped me stay calm enough to know what to do and what to look for….  and because of God’s Grace, my husband’s fast thinking, and the training we had, and the quick response to the ENT’s and the local Volunteers here in our area, Elsyah is still here.  I can not tell you how Blessed I feel right now!

Elysah is doing well considering, still weak and still having some  wheezing, but all and all, what a wonderful amazing little miracle she is……  Thank you Lord for watching over such a sweet little baby!


This pic of Elysah …. (before)

004-15.jpg Blogged Elysah picture by tinamt72

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good to be back!

I have been missing again…. I know, bad me….  I actually have had a pretty good reason for the most part.  Being sick and tired of being sick and tired, but now that I am on the mend, somewhat, I feel a little less tired, and the sickness is gone!  Woo hooo!!  I really didn’t know how bad my ear was, or how much it effected my over all health.  Though the whole process of healing has taken a lot longer then what I thought, I for the most part am feeling better and more like myself then what I have felt in a long – long time!
I just praise God for leading me to the doctors over and over again – my bad ears and the persistent infections actually led to a cyst to grow up in my ear….a cyst that had grown big enough to erode 2 of the bones in my ear drum and wore through the skull and was right at the brain.  The Good Lord was watching over me and wouldn’t let me over look the persistent ear infection!  THANK YOU LORD!!  I can not even imagine how that could have effected me, but I am sure that it would not have been good.  Thanks to Dr. House and his good handy work I have cyst free, and hope to regain some of the hearing that was lost.  (find that out in a six (+) weeks.
The sweet baby  I sit for has helped a great deal with overcoming the blah’s  – just look at her sweet face, how can a person not just feel 100% better when she flashes her sweet smile in your direction!
005-22.jpg picture by tinamt72  she is so rotten, she just makes my day!!  :0)  She’s truly a little gift from God to all those who meet her!
I have been busy with sorting beads and listing some.  I had a few request for some Halloween beads and have been working on getting them finished up and listed.
I also have some cute little critters in the works!!  they turned out so good… can’t wait to show them off…
here is a peek at the Halloween beads:
 004-24.jpg picture by tinamt72 don’t you just love the crazy eyes! LOL!
031-12.jpg picture by tinamt72 I just love this cane work and fun colors!
025-17.jpg picture by tinamt72and EVERYTHING Halloween!
038-12.jpg picture by tinamt72Black with BRIGHTS flowers
make sure you check my ebay page to find all the goodies that will be going up for sale – most will be starting out at .99 – I have to clear out a lot of beads!!
Hope you all had a wonderful summer, a summer full of color and inspiration!  I know that I did!! :0)
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I am still here….

I am still here, I promise!!  It’s just been crazy – and I mean crazy!

I honestly thought that the older the kids got that I would have a  little more time for myself and be able to get more things done – well, that is some what true – as long as you can fit it around your pre-teen and teenager’s schedules!  :0)   Busy kids, leads to busy moms and that leaves even less time for Mom’s Free Time!  But when I have been able to squeeze it in, let me tell you, it’s been fun – and rewarding all at the same time.


let me start from the top:

This picture I took on the last day of dance for Aurora….  I guess you can say that it was a reflecting moment where you are “looking forward, but all I see is the past”!

108-5.jpg picture by tinamt72



We had a HUGE hail storm!  Well, Huge to me…..  I have always heard of golf ball sized hail, and know that they get bigger, but I have never seen or experienced the likes.  I was off to leave, but told my son that I would wait until the storm blew over – – good thing I did!!  God was watching out for me, that is for sure!  I would have been driving in it!!  Here are some of the hails stones:

029-12.jpg picture by tinamt72


It almost looked like snow!  there were so many stones laying in the yard!  It was just crazy!

008-14.jpg picture by tinamt72


Again, they were HUGE, this is the only time I have ever seen hail stones this big!!

014-16.jpg picture by tinamt72


Our puppy is getting big!  she’s almost 3 whole pounds now!!  and extreemly rotten!  she has a mean bone in her body and we are trying our best to calm that bone down, especially when you baby sit for other peoples children….. can NOT have a Biting Dog!  NO BITES!  He’s a Picture of her sweet little face:

008-13.jpg picture by tinamt72

and yes, we had her in a box….. she’s out grown the box and is now in her crate!  :0)


Then we had my daughters dance recital!  Yeah!!  They did a wonderful job on putting in a great show!  My daughter just LOVE it!

054-6.jpg picture by tinamt72


028-10.jpg picture by tinamt72


020-15.jpg picture by tinamt72


These two girls just love each other to peices…..  It’s just so much fun watching their friendship grow with each year…  I hope that the two of them continue on this path!

017-16.jpg picture by tinamt72


and in the mist of all that I have managed to whip out some beads, and make some new boxes. …. . 


056-6.jpg picture by tinamt72


I thought that the green box would look wonderful with the watermelon beads I just sold…

061-3.jpg picture by tinamt72


I think that this is how my beads will be going home from now on…..  It’s just too much fun not to send them home in a colorful box…. and I love creating these silly and fun little fairies!




and last but not least…. 

I have giving the whole bangle thing a try…. 

065-1.jpg picture by tinamt72


it’s not sanded, buffed, or cleaned up in any way, but I can now at least say, “YES, I made one”….. just don’t look too close, and please don’t tell me all the mistakes I have made… and I won’t tell you that I had scrapped the clay off the form 3 times and still am not sure how to apply it the “right” way….   


It just goes to show you that things that seem and look simple are some times NOT that simple….  like how in the world do they get the edges to look so good?  and how do you apply the clay where it is not coming off the form?  and how do they apply the layers?  man, I know that it will take a lot of work to ever be ok for me to wear …. hmmm, or even sell! LOL!! 

well, off to the bump and grind again…..  hope that I get a few more moments to keep you updated….  (crossing my fingers, but already knowing that it will be a few weeks…..(((sigh)))….. but who knows, maybe I will have a moment of grace and be able to  show you the critters I have made up)

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What a Wonderful Weekend!

I know… it’s  Thursday, and I am just now writing about the weekend!  But, it’s been crazy this week, and now is the only time I have to tell you about how wonderful the weekend was!

Nothing is better then being with family and playing a round of  Holy Board in the back yard!!

037-8.jpg picture by tinamt72

We had family in from out of state and allowed Rob and I too see family members that we have not seen in about a year.  

038-10.jpg picture by tinamt72

  Rob’s cousin was diognosed last year with terminal brain cancer, he was given 4 weeks to live…….  You can read about his journey here:      It has been a horric year for his family…. 

056-5.jpg picture by tinamt72

The thing that gets me all chocked up, is that a year ago all they could think about was missing the milestones of their children. …. . and today, he will get to see these milestones.  God worked in such a profound way to move them forward!  Scott has watched his baby boy take his first steps, speak his first words and throw his first ball!!  and he’s watched his middle child grow into a beautiful young woman, and he’s going to get to watch is eldest child graduate from High School – These were made possible because God Willed it to be. 

042-13.jpg picture by tinamt72

I sat next to Scott’s wife, Robyn, and looked at the brain scans – and the whole time, all I could think about is how amazing God is.  Scott’s scans show no tumors –  we are not talking about a small little tumor, we are talking about a tumor that you could see, one that was terminal – one that shook me to the core and made me look at Scott in a whole new light.  I had no idea how big the mass was, no idea how BIG of a miricle God had worked in  their lives!  And then to see the next scan with NOTHING!!!  NOT a hint of the tumor, not a “light’ patch, not a teeny tiny dot – there is nothing there now!!! 

I am not saying that it’s all perfect, that he is healthy as a horse and is running around jumping for joy, no.  not at all.  The Chemo has taken it’s toll on Scott.  To see him a year ago, and now, you know that you are looking at a man that has lived through a peice of Hell and back again.  It’s taken it’s toll on him I am sure, emotionally too….  But HE”S HERE!!  He  has fought through a horrific battle and shows the scars of a warroir….  He has more fighting to do still…..  I am sure that it is hard to put one foot infront of the other and make yourself do things that your body doesn’t want to do, but he is trying.

041-12.jpg picture by tinamt72

I guess, what I am trying to say, and saying it poorly, is HOW AMAZING is is to see a MIRACLE face to face, to touch and talk to someone that God has worked wonders in.  Too look in his eyes and see something there that wasn’t there before.  To see and witness and unconditional love he and Robyn have for each other and their children.  This weekend was a privilege for me to be a part of.  one that I will remember and be grateful for.  and I just want to say Thank you – So thank you Robyn and Scott for a wonderful journey, a year full of doubts, fears, tears, pain, unless worry, prayers, Faith, Hope, LOVE, devotion, Miracles, Promises, Family, Dreams!!  I know that from a distance I have learned so much by watching and reading, I can not even imagine what an impact you have had on those around you and close to you!  I love you guys and am so very honored to have spend the weekend with you!

060-7.jpg picture by tinamt72

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Schools about out! YEAH!

This year has been such a stressful year for my kids and school…..  I have to admit, it’s sucked the creative juices and fun right out of me at times.  I am the one that is actually counting down the days till school is out – and I believe that they too are ready for a long nice break.  (just over 2 weeks left!!) 


It’s one reason why I haven’t posted – I have not been creating….. time has been spend on the kids and getting things adjusted and problems fixed and did I mention the DRAMA?  Oh, man, girls should come with a warning about how complex they can be…… (I know that I am a girl, but my daughter and I speak a totally different language, and I find it hard to find the right words to help here, for the what would work for me is not working for her – it’s hard to be a parent of a pre teen!!  I wish to goodness I would have listened to my sister-in-law more when she was going through trials with her daughters.  (But you know, through this DRAMA of this year, I have learned so much from my daughter, I have learned how easily hurt she is by certain situations, and though she seems strong and appears to be OK, inside she is hurting badly and it’s hard for her to put that into words that work.  I have also been able to talk to her about her walk with the Lord, and how God wants us to learn from these situations, and that, though we don’t like it, it makes us a stronger person and more compassionate for those that are hurting around us, and what a wonderful way it is for Him to use US!) 

I also have had a hard time getting things in order for my son.   It’s just sad that it takes so long to get things done in the school system, so much stress and not enough action being taken, on my part and the school’s, BUT NOW I KNOW!!  LOL!!  


Life is so full of trials and sometimes it is so easy to get lost in the process of it all.  I really am hoping for a nice long summer break, where I can get my hands into the clay and fully enjoy how wonderful it is to create again. 

Here is a sample of a few sets I have done:

003-15.jpg picture by tinamt72


oh, and to add to the stress of everyday life, I figured that I would add a little less sleep to my life too!!

We went and picked up a puppy!!  Yeah, I know, I am crazy!  :0)  But she’s just so cute!!  How can you not love her and want to bring her home with ya?

009-17.jpg picture by tinamt72

Yeah, I added a little more stress, but the kids and Rob and I just love her to pieces already…. and once my Haleigh figures out how much fun she will have with a new play mate, she’ll love her too!

Hope to be creating again soon! 


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Wheels of Hope

Here is the information that I was sent about Wheels of Hope:

“Wheels of Hope
P.O. Box 7 New Lisbon, Indiana 47366
765-332-2544 or 765-686-0091
The Ride for Hope
May 16th, 2009

    Wheels of Hope is an association that was formed in 2005 to raise money to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  We have several members in our group that are avid motorcyclists and that are also cancer survivors or have been affected by cancer in some way.  As a group we decided that we wanted to start raising money to fund research to find a cure for this awful disease.  So we combined our two passions together and decided to organize a non-alcoholic motorcycle ride that goes to area churches instead of the normal “poker run” locations.  All riders and the community at large are invited to a hog roast at the completion of the ride where we have an auction and give out door prizes.  All proceeds are then donated to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

    This is where your organization comes in.  We are writing to you to request merchandise from your franchise to auction off for the benefit of raising more money or to give to our riders as appreciation for their support.  In the past 2 years our organization has donated over $30,000.00 to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life from our benefit ride.  This year we would like to match that number in a single ride.  If you would be willing to donate any products and/or autographed materials we would appreciate it.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter.  If you have any other questions about our organization or any other topics please call one of the above numbers and someone will be glad to help you.

Wheels of Hope
C/O Cindy Claar and Sue Claar, Co-founders”

I have donated a “Hope” bracelet for the cause, and am trying to finish up more items, but don’t know if I will get them out in the mail in time or not…. Keeping my fingers crossed to help with the cure!

my donation for Wheels of Hope by you.

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